Medium Tru Truffle Oil Gift Basket

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  • Basswood tray/cutting block
  • Black Tru Truffle Oil
  • White Tru Truffle Oil
  • Custom kitchen soap - made from Black Tru Truffle Oil and rosemary
  • Kitchen towel featuring Tippy
  • Recipe cards

Basswood tray with one bottle each Black and White Tru Truffle Oil, a kitchen towel with Tippy our mascot on it, rosemary truffle kitchen soap, and 2 recipes all shrink wrapped with a gift bow.


Tru Truffle Oil Medium Gift Basket Set

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Giving Kitchen - a foundation started at the Staplehouse Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia in honor of Ryan Hidingers. For more information, visit


What folks are saying about us:

"I used the oil with the eggplant that I got at the market on Saturday. Worked very well for the dish. Next will be your pasta recipe! So appreciate your explaining the background for the truffles and the oil."


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