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Our Farm

We are growing truffles! The only company in North America currently growing truffles, training truffle dogs, and producing handmade domestic truffle oil using all natural ingredients.


Tru Truffle Oil’s farm is nestled in the foothills of the Southern Appalachian Mountains at the same latitude as the truffle producing regions of Italy – an important factor in truffle production due to the temperate climate. It all began watching a documentary about a dog finding a truffle. Much research later, an experiment was born. We planted Oak and Hazelnut trees, infused with truffles on their roots, got a puppy, and listened to people call us crazy!


Now, many years later, the trees, some 6 foot tall, have a brûlé, which means the grass around the tree dies in a circle, indicating a presence of truffles. We await the winter harvest with Tippy, who is now a grown up, trained, truffle dog and family member.


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