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"Tru Truffle Oil lit up the room!"

Chef Matthew Raiford, Owner of The Farmer and the Larder - Featured in January 2016's Garden and Gun as one of the most exciting new resturaunts

Tru Truffle Oil

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About Our Oil:

The delicate taste of the black and white truffle infused into Georgia Grown extra virgin first press olive oil. Tru Truffle Oil has an enticing aroma, lovingly and precisely produced here in Georgia.

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Meet Our Mascott - Tippy the Lagotto Romagnolo

Tippy is our truffle finding dog, a special breed known as the Lagotto Romagnolo. Their name translates to mean "lake dog from Romagna". The Lagotto is an ancient breed of water retriever, characterized by a highly developed nose. The modern-day Lagotto is bred primarily for use as a truffle-hunting dog, putting their keen noses to great use! For more information on Lagottos, check out: AKC - Lagotto Romagnolo

Tippy Finds a Truffle - Part 1

Tippy Finds a Truffle - Part 2

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